Sea freight

RiteLogistics  provides cost-effective seafreight solution to meet the expectations of our customers .our sea freightcoverage is worldwide be working in partnership with an extensive range of carriers.

Weprovide both full container lode (FCL) and less than container Lode (LCL)services for your shipments, as well as out-of gauge and break bulk service foryour non-containerized cargo.

Rite Logistics offers you the following ocean freight products:   

v  FCL (Full Container Load)

Based on carrierrouting options, FCL is our best transit Time to Cost combination product forfull container loads.

FCL offers completeschedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailing per port – pair, andavailability of equipment.


v  LCL (Less- Then Container Load)

Acompetitively priced consolidation product, LCL offers the highest levels ofschedule in integrity

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